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Bradley Slama

Age: 22

-Smith College of Music
Sept. 2008-May 2010
St. Paul, Minnesota

§  Associates Degrees in Drum Performance

§ Proficient in all styles of music including Country, Blues,  Jazz, 
      Brazilian, Rock, Funk and Metal.

§ Instruction from professional percussionists, including:

§ Gordy Knudtson – Current drummer of the Steve Miller Band. 
§ David Stanoch – Drummer for Triplicate, who Drum!
     Magazine quotes, “Is so good that it’s intimidating”.
§ Paul Stueber -   Drummer of the Year, who also taught at the
s Institute in Los Angeles.

  § Associates Degree in Music Production - Recording Technologies

Email Address: frozensticks48@gmail.com 
Country Sample 1:   (drum cover 'Before He Cheats' by C Underwood)    
Rock Sample 1:        (original composition by artist)
Rock Sample 2:        (original composition by artist)
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